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Banner o the Unitit States

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The naitional banner o the Unitit States o Americae (the "American flag") consists o thirteen equal horizontal spraings o reid (top an bottom) alternatin wi white, wi a blue rectangle in the canton (referred tae specifically as the "union") bearin fifty sma, white, five-pointit starns arranged in nine affset horizontal rows o sax starns (top an bottom) alternatin wi rows o five starns. The fifty starns on the banner represent the 50 states an the 13 spraings represent the oreeginal thirteen colonies that rebelled against the Breetish monarchy an became the first states in the Union.[1] Nicknames for the banner include the "Starns an Spraings", "Auld Glory,"[2] an "The Starn-Spangled Banner" (an aa the name o the naitional anthem).

The banner o the Unitit States is ane o the naition's maist widely recognised seembols. Athin the U.S. it is frequently displayed, no anerlie on public biggins, but on private residences. It is an aa uised as a motif on decals for caur windaes, an clothin ornaments such as badges an lapel pins. Throughoot the warld it is uised in public discourse tae refer tae the U.S., no anerlie as a naition, state, govrenment, an set o policies, but an aa as a set o ideals.

Apairt frae the nummers o starns an spraings representin the nummer o current an oreeginal states, respectively, an the union wi its starns representin a constellation, thare is nae legally defined seembolism tae the colors an shapes on the banner.


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  1. States are represented collectively; there is no meaning to particular stars nor stripes.
  2. Coined by Captain William Driver, a nineteenth century shipmaster.