Portland, Oregon

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Montage o Portland

Portland is a ceety seetuate in the north-wast o the Unitit States, naur the confluence o the Willamette an Columbia rivers in the state cried Oregon. As of Julie 2008, it haes an aboot 575,930 indwallers,[1] an haes been referred tae as the greenest ceety in the Unitit States.[2] Portland is Oregon's maist populous ceety, an the third maist populous ceety in the Pacific Northwast, ahint Vancouver, British Columbia, an Seattle, Washington. Aboot twa million fowk bides in the Portland metropolitan area (MSA), the 23rd maist muckle in the Unitit States as o July 2006.[3]

Portland wis incorporate in 1851 an is the coonty seat o Multnomah County.[4] The ceety raxes a bittie intae Washington County tae the wast an Clackamas County tae the sooth. It is govrened by a commeesion-based govrenment heidit by a mayor and fower ither commeesioners.

The ceety an region is merkit fae strang land-uiss plannin an investment in licht rail, supportit by Metro, a distinctive regional-govrenment schame. Portland is kent for its muckle hantle o microbreweries an microdistilleries an aw, an as the hame o the Trail Blazers NBA basketbaw team.

Portland ligs in the Marine wast coast climate region, merkit by wairm, drouthie simmers and weet but temperate winters. This climate is ideal for growin roses, and for mair nor a century, Portland haes been kent as "The Ceety o Roses"[5][6] wi mony rose gairdens—maist prominently the International Rose Test Gairden.

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Coordinates: 45°31′N 122°40′W / 45.52°N 122.67°W / 45.52; -122.67