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Seattle (pronounced /siːˈætəl/ ( listen) see-AT-əl) is the northrenmaist major ceety in the contiguous Unitit States, an the lairgest ceety in the Paceefic Northwast an in the state o Washington. A seaport situatit on a narrae isthmus atween Puget Sound (an airm o the Paceefic Ocean) an Lake Washington, aboot 100 miles (160 km) sooth o the Canadae – Unitit States border, it is named efter Chief Sealth "Seattle", o the Duwamish an Suquamish native tribes. Seattle is the center o the Seattle–Tacoma–Bellevue metropolitan statistical aurie, the 15t lairgest in the Unitit States, an the lairgest in the northwastren Unitit States.[1] Seattle is the coonty seat o Keeng Coonty an is the major economic, cultural an educational center in the region. The 2010 census foond that Seattle is hame tae 630,320 residents athin a metropolitan aurie o some 3.4 million inhabitants. The Port o Seattle an Seattle–Tacoma Internaitional Airport are major gateways tae Asie, Alaska, an the rest o the warld.

Seattle is the wastren terminus o I-90 an resides on the I-5 corridor, aboot 170 miles (270 km) north o Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington an 140 miles (230 km) sooth o Vancouver in Breetish Columbie, Canada. The ceety o Victoria, Breetish Columbie's caipital, is aboot 110 miles (180 km) tae the northwast (aboot 90 miles (140 km) bi passenger ferry) while the eastren Washington hub ceety o Spokane lies 280 miles (450 km) tae the east.

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