African Americans

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African Americans
Tot population
including 3,091,424 citing both Black and another race
(12.6% of U.S. population)
2010 U.S. Census
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Athort the kintra, especially in the Soothren Unitit States as well as urban auries.
Inglis (American Inglis dialects an African American Vernacular Inglis)
Louisiana Creole French
Predominantly Protestants (78%);
Lairgest minorities are Roman Catholics (5%) an Muslims (1%);[2]
No releegion (13%)
Relatit ethnic groups
Afro-Laitin Americans

African Americans (an aa referred tae as Black Americans or Afro-Americans[3]) are an ethnic group o Americans (ceetizens or residents o the Unitit States) wi tot or pairtial ancestry frae ony o the Black racial groups o Africae.[4][5]

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