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Salt Lake City
State Caipital
City of Salt Lake City
Frae top left: The skyline in Julie 2011, the Salt Lake Temple, Utah State Capitol, UTA TRAX, the Ceety an Coonty Biggin, Union Pacific Depot an the Block U.
Frae top left: The skyline in Julie 2011, the Salt Lake Temple, Utah State Capitol, UTA TRAX, the Ceety an Coonty Biggin, Union Pacific Depot an the Block U.
Nickname(s): "The Crossroads o the Wast"
Location o Salt Lake Ceety in Salt Lake Coonty, Utah
Coordinates: 40°45′0″N 111°53′0″W / 40.75000°N 111.88333°W / 40.75000; -111.88333Coordinates: 40°45′0″N 111°53′0″W / 40.75000°N 111.88333°W / 40.75000; -111.88333
Kintra Unitit States
State Utah
Coonty Salt Lake
 • Mayor Ralph Becker
 • State Caipital 110.4 sq mi (285.9 km2)
 • Laund 109.1 sq mi (282.5 km2)
 • Watter 1.3 sq mi (3.3 km2)
Elevation 4,226 ft (1,288 m)
Population (2010)
 • State Caipital 186,440 (127t in U.S.)
 • Density 1,666/sq mi (643.3/km2)
 • Urban 2,238,697
 • Metro 1,124,197 (48t in U.S.)
 • Demonym Salt Laker
Time zone Muntain (UTC-7)
 • Summer (DST) Muntain (UTC-6)
Area code(s) 385, 801
FIPS code 49-67000[1]
GNIS featur ID 1454997[2]

Salt Lake City is the caipital an the maist populous ceety o Utah. The name o the ceety is aften shortened tae Salt Lake or SLC. Wi an estimatit population o 183,171,[3] the ceety lies in the Salt Lake Ceety metropolitan aurie, which haes a total estimatit population o 1,130,293. Salt Lake Ceety is further situatit in a lairger urban aurie kent as the Wasatch Front, which haes an estimatit population o 2,298,915.[4]

The ceety wis foondit in 1847 as Great Salt Lake Ceety bi a group o Mormon pioneers led bi their prophet, Brigham Young, who left ahint hostility an violence in the Midwastren Unitit States. They extensively irrigatit an cultivatit the arid valley an faced prosecution frae the U.S. govrenment for their practice o polygamy, which wis offeecially discontinued in 1890. Although Salt Lake Ceety is still hame tae the heidquarters o The Kirk o Jesus Christ o Latter-day Saunts (LDS, an aa kent as the Mormon Kirk), less nor hauf the population o Salt Lake Ceety proper is Mormon the day.

Minin booms an the construction o the first transcontinental railroad initially brought economic growth, an the ceety wis nicknamed the Crossroads o the Wast. Salt Lake Ceety haes syne developed a strang ootdoor recreation tourist industry based primarily on skiin. Salt Lake Ceety wis host tae the 2002 Winter Olympics an is the industrial bankin center o the Unitit States.[5]

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Salt Lake City haes several seester ceeties/touns,[6][7] includin:

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Philippines Philippines Quezon City Flag.svg Quezon Ceety Natiional Caipital Region
Republic o Cheenae Taiwan Keelung Taiwan Province
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