Oruro Depairtment

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Oruro Depairtment in Bolivie
Oruro Depairtment in Bolivie
Oruro Depairtment
Departamento de Oruro
Uru Uru suyu
Ururu jach'a suyu
Caipital: Oruro
Provinces: 16
Govrenor: Santos Javier Tito Veliz
Aurie: 53,558 km2 (20,678.9 sq mi)
Population: 384,494 (2005)
Population density: 7.18/km2 (18.6/sq mi)
ISO 3166-2: BO-O
Leids: Spaingie, Quechuan, Aymara

Oruro is a depairtment in Bolivie, wi an aurie o 53,588 km². Its caipital is the ceety o Oruro. At the time o census 2001 it haed a population o 391,870.

Provinces o Oruro[eedit | eedit soorce]

The depairtment is dividit intae 16 provinces which are further subdividit intae municipalities an cantons.

Province Aurie (km²) Caipital
Atahuallpa 5,885 Sabaya
Carangas 5,472 Corque
Cercado 5,766 Oruro
Eduardo Avaroa 4,015 Challapata
Ladislao Cabrera 8,818 Salinas de Garcí Mendoza
Litoral 2,894 Huachacalla
Puerto de Mejillones 785 La Rivera
Nor Carangas 870 Huayllamarca
Pantaleón Dalence 1,210 Huanuni
Poopó 3,061 Poopó
Sajama 5,790 Curahuara de Carangas
San Pedro de Totora 1,487 Totora
Saucarí 1,671 Toledo
Sebastian Pagador 1,972 Santiago de Huari
Sud Carangas 3,536 Santiago de Andamarca
Tomás Barrón 356 Eucaliptus

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

The chief executive office o Bolivie depairtments (syne Mey 2010) is the govrenor; till then, the office wis cried the prefect, an till 2006 the prefect wis appointit bi the Preses o Bolivie. The current govrenor, Santos Tito o the Muivement for Socialism – Political Instrument for the Sovereignty o the Fowks, wis electit on 4 Aprile 2010.

The chief legislative body o the depairtment is the Depairtmental Legislative Assembly, a body an aa first electit on 4 Aprile 2010. It consists o 33 members: 16 electit bi each o the depairtment's provinces; 16 electit based on proportional representation; an minority indigenous representative selectit bi the Uru-Chipaya fowk.

Leids[eedit | eedit soorce]

The leids spoken in the depairtment are mainly Spaingie, Quechua an Aymara. The follaein table shows the number o those belangin tae the recognized group o speakers.[1]

Leid Depairtment Bolivie
Quechua 134,289 2,281,198
Aymara 127,086 1,525,321
Guaraní 383 62,575
Anither native 1,943 49,432
Spaingie 342,332 6,821,626
Foreign 6,878 250,754
Anerlie native 30,745 960,491
Native an Spaingie 188,963 2,739,407
Spaingie an foreign 153,439 4,115,751

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