Quechuan leids

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Qhichwa simi
Runa simi
Spoken natively in Peru, Bolivie,
Colombie, Ecuador,
Chile, an Argentinae
Region Central Andes
Ethnicity Quechuas
Native speakers 8.9 million  (2007)[1]
Leid faimlie
  • Quechuan
Quechua I
Quechua II
    Northren Peruvian
      Kichwa (Ecuador)
      Lawland Peruvian
Writin seestem Laitin
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in  Peru
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 qu
ISO 639-2 que, qwe
ISO 639-3 que
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Quechuan /ˈkɛwən/, an aa kent as runa simi ("fowk's leid"), is a Native Sooth American leid faimily spoken primarily in the Andes, derived frae a common auncestral leid. It is the maist widely spoken leid faimily o the indigenous fowks o the Americas, wi a tot o probably some 8 million tae 10 million speakers.[2]

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