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Depairtments o Bolivie

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Bolivie is dividit intae nine depairtments (Spaingie: departamentos). Ilka ane o the depairtments is subdividit intae provinces (provincias), which are further subdividit intae municipalities (municipios).

Depairtments are govrened bi the electit govrenors (till 2010, prefects; an till 2005, appointit bi the Preses) an bi independently electit Depairtmental Legislative Assemblies (till 2010; Depairtmental Cooncils).

Bolivia's nine depairtments receivit greater autonomy unner the Admeenistrative Decentralization law o 1995. Depairtmental autonomy further increased wi the first popular elections for depairtmental govrenors, kent as prefects, on 18 December 2005. Fower depairtments (Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando an Tarija) votit for greater autonomy in 2005, an athoot constitutional authorization, passed statutes o autonomy in 2008.[1] The remainin five depairtments appruivit depairtmental autonomy in the general elections o 2009.

Depairtment statistics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Depairtments o Bolivie
Depairtment Abbreviation Population Aurie (km²) Densitie Caipital (Pop.) Map Banner
Total Bolivie BOL 10,027,644 1,098,581 9.1 Sucre (Constitutional)
Nuestra Señora de La Paz (Seat o Govrenment)
Beni BNI 430,049 213,564 1.9 Trinidad (86,385)
Chuquisaca CHQ 631,062 51,524 11.9 Sucre (280,259)
Cochabamba CBB 1,786,040 55,631 22.7 Cochabamba (586,813)
La Paz LPZ 2,756,989 133,985 19.9 Nuestra Señora de La Paz (835,000)
Oruro ORU 444,093 53,558 8.2 Ciudad de Oruro (281,700)
Pando PND 75,335 63,827 1.1 Cobija (32,217)
Potosí PSI 780,392 118,218 6.5 Ciudad de Potosí (149,246)
Santa Cruz SCZ 2,626,697 370,621 7.1 Santa Cruz de la Sierra (1,638,343)
Tarija TJA 496,988 37,623 12.5 Ciudad de Tarija (170,906)
Source: Demographic Projections 2008, INE.[2] Population density calculated based on 2006 population projections.

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