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States o Venezuela

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States o Venezuela

Template:Politics of Venezuela Venezuela is dividit intae 23 states (estados), 1 Caipital Destrict (Distrito Capital) an the Federal Dependencies (Dependencias Federales) that conseest o a muckle nummer o Venezuelan islands. Venezuela claims the Guayana Esequiba territory which comprises sax destricts in the independent naition o Guyana an aw.

Historical states

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Prior tae the Federal War (1859–1863), Venezuela wis dividit intae provinces rather than states (see Provinces o Venezuela). The victorious forces wur supposed tae grant mair autonomy tae the individual states, but this wis no implementit.

Frae 1863 tae the early 1900s thare wur numerous territorial chynges, includin the merger an splittin o states, but frae then till the 1990s the states wur left unchyngit. States that existit durin this time includit Guzmán Blanco State (1873–1889). Oreeginally a renamit Aragua State, in 1881 the states o Miranda, Guárico, Nueva Esparta an the Vargas depairtment o the Federal Destrict wur mergit intae the state. This wis pairt o a territorial reorganisation reducin the nummer o states frae 20 tae 9, which wis reversed in 1901.

Recent years hae seen the creation o three new states: Delta Amacuro (1991), Amazonas (1994), an Vargas (1998).

Belaw is a leet o the 23 states o Venezuela. The states are leetit alang wi thair correspondent emblems, data an location.

Banner Coat o Airms States Caipital ceety Population (2010 est.) Aurie Region Location
Amazonas Puerto Ayacucho 142,200 180,145 km² Guayana
Anzoátegui Barcelona 1,654,900 43,300 km² Nor - Oriental
Apure San Fernando de Apure 499,900 76,500 km² Llanos
Aragua Maracay 1,665,200 7,014 km² Central
Barinas Barinas 756,600 35,200 km² Andean
Bolívar Ciudad Bolívar 1,852,800 238,000 km² Guayana
Carabobo Valencia 2,531,000 4,650 km² Central
Cojedes San Carlos 340,300 14,800 km² Central
Delta Amacuro Tucupita 159,700 40,200 km² Guayana
Falcón Coro 961,500 24,800 km² Central - Occidental
Guárico San Juan De Los Morros 745,100 64,986 km² Llanos
Lara Barquisimeto 1,999,100 19,800 km² Central - Occidental
Mérida Mérida 895,800 11,300 km² Andean
Miranda Los Teques 3,010,900 7,950 km² Capital
Monagas Maturín 999,300 28,930 km² Nor - Oriental
Nueva Esparta La Asunción 508,900 1,150 km² Insular
Portuguesa Guanare 919,400 15,200 km² Central - Occidental
Sucre Cumaná 945,600 11,800 km² Nor - Oriental
Táchira San Cristóbal 1,225,300 11,100 km² Andean
Trujillo Trujillo 747,400 7,400 km² Andean
Vargas La Güaira 337,900 1,496 km² Capital
Yaracuy San Felipe 640,700 7,100 km² Central - Occidental
Zulia Maracaibo 4,020,200 63,100 km² Zulian

Special status auries

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Banner Coat o Airms Aurie!Caipital ceety Population (2007 est.) Aurie Location
Caipital Destrict Caracas 2,085,500 433 km²
Federal Dependencies Los Roques 15,420 342 km²

Several states are namit for historical figurs:

Several states are namit for naitural features:

Ither namin oreegins:

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