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Caipital Destrict (Venezuela)

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Caipital Destrict
Location of Caipital Destrict
 • Total433 km2 (167 sq mi)
 • Total2,097,400

The Caipital Destrict (Spaingie:Distrito Capital) o Venezuela is a federal destrict correspondin tae the caipital Caracas. It haes an aurie o 433 km² an thare is ae ane admeenistrative diveesion (municipio), Libertador, which contains the Ceety o Caracas. It is the seat o the federal govrenment an the heid o the public pouers.

The population in 2004 wis 2,073,768. The destrict borders on the states o Vargas an Miranda.

Lang Syne it haed its awn local govrenment wi a govrenor, but the constitutional reform o 1999 abolisht the destrict govrenment an creatit insteid the Metropolitan Destrict o Caracas, wi jurisdiction ower the territory o the destrict an an' a' fower adjacent municipios (Baruta, Chacao, el Hatillo an Sucre) in Miranda.

On 13 Aprile 2009, the Naitional Assembly passed a law creatin the figure o a heid o govrenment for the destrict which wad be designatit bi the Preses.[2] On 14 Aprile 2009, Jacqueline Faria wis named Heid o Govrenment o the Caipital Destrict [3]


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