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For ither uises, see Táchira (disambiguation).
State o Venezuela
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Location within Venezuela
Location within Venezuela
Coordinates: 7°56′N 72°07′W / 7.94°N 72.12°W / 7.94; -72.12Coordinates: 7°56′N 72°07′W / 7.94°N 72.12°W / 7.94; -72.12
Kintra Venezuela
Created 1899
Caipital San Cristóbal
 • Govrenor César Pérez Vivas (2008–2012)
 • Total 11,100 km2 (4,300 sq mi)
Aurie rank 16t
  1.2% of Venezuela
Population (2007 est.)
 • Tot 1,177,300
 • Rank 9t
  4.5% o Venezuela
Time zone UTC-04:00
ISO 3166 code VE-S
Emblematic tree Pino Criollo, or Laso (Prumnopitys montana)
Wabsteid www.tachira.gob.ve

Táchira (Spaingie: Estado Táchira, IPA: [esˈtaðo ˈtatʃiɾa]) is ane o the 23 states o Venezuela. The state caipital is San Cristóbal.

Táchira State covers a tot surface aurie o 11,100 km² (4,290 mi²) an, in 2007, haed an estimatit population o 1,177,300. At the end o the 19t century, Táchira state wis the place whare ile wis discovered in Venezuela. It wis exploitit for mony years. Currently, its main economic revenues come frae the production o coffee an pineapple. The cattle an agricultural activities play an important role in Táchira's economy. Thare is a strang industrial sector which focuses on the processin o potato, succar, milk, an cheese an the production o textiles an aw.

Táchira is ane o the three Venezuelan Andean states (the ither twa are Mérida an Trujillo). This state borders wi Zulia in the north, Barinas an Mérida states in the east, Apure an Barinas states in the sooth an Colombie (Norte de Santander Depairtment) in the wast.

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