Amazonas (Venezuelan state)

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Honor y Lealtad
(Spaingie for Honor an Lyalty)
Location athin Venezuela
Location athin Venezuela
CaipitalPuerto Ayacucho
 • GovrenorLiborio Guarulla (2005–2009)
 • Total176899 km2 (68,301 sq mi)
Area rank2nt
 19.38% of Venezuela
 (2007 est.)
 • Total142,200
 • Rank24t
 0.3% o Venezuela
Time zoneUTC-04:00
ISO 3166 codeVE-Z
Emblematic treeCaucho (Hevea benthamiana)
^[c] Until this date, Amazonas had the status of Federal Territory.

Amazonas (Spaingie: Estado Amazonas, IPA: [esˈtaðo amaˈsonas]) is ane o the 23 states (estados) intae which Venezuela is dividit.

The state caipital is Puerto Ayacucho. The caipital till the early 1900s wis San Fernando de Atabapo. Although namit efter the Amazon River, maist o the state is drained bi the Orinoco. Amazonas State covers a total surface aurie o 176,899 km² an, in 2007, haed a population o 142,200. Its density is o 0.8 inhabitants per km².

Amazonas haes Venezuela's heichest proportion o indigenous fowks o Venezuela; these mak up anerlie aroond 1.5% o the population naitionwide, but the proportion is nearly 50% in Amazonas.[1]

Municipalities an Municipal Seats[eedit | eedit soorce]

Municipality Caipital km² Pop Map
Alto Orinoco Municipality La Esmeralda 49.217 km² 14.222 hab. (2008)
Atabapo Municipality San Fernando de Atabapo 25.062 km² 12.797 hab. (2007)
Atures Municipality Puerto Ayacucho 7.302 km² 91.386 hab (2007)
Autana Municipality Isla Ratón 12.291 km² 8.181 hab (2007)
Manapiare Municipality San Juan de Manapiare 32.042 km² 9.658 hab (2007)
Maroa Municipality Maroa 13.082 km² 8.181 hab (2005)
Río Negro Municipality San Carlos de Río Negro 37.903 km² 9.658 hab (2007)
A river near Autana tepui in Amazonas.
The Tobogán de la Selva, near tae Puerto Ayacucho.

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Van Cott (2003), "Andean Indigenous Movements and Constitutional Transformation: Venezuela in Comparative Perspective", Latin American Perspectives 30(1), p52

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