Autana Municipality

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Autónomo Autana Municipality

Municipio Autónomo Autana
Location in Amazonas
Location in Amazonas
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Coordinates: 10°14′30″N 67°33′15″W / 10.241673°N 67.55413°W / 10.241673; -67.55413Coordinates: 10°14′30″N 67°33′15″W / 10.241673°N 67.55413°W / 10.241673; -67.55413
Kintra Venezuela
Municipal seatIsla Ratón
 • MayorBernabe Arana (PUAMA)
 • Total15750 km2 (6,080 sq mi)
 • Total8,352
 • Density0.53/km2 (1.4/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−04:00 (VET)
Aurie code(s)0248
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The Autana Municipality is ane o the seiven municipalities (municipios) that mak up the soothren Venezuelan state o Amazonas an, accordin tae the 2011 census by the Naitional Institute o Statistics o Venezuela, the municipality haes a population o 8,352.[1] The toun o Isla Ratón is the shire toun o the Autana Municipality.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The shiretown o the Autana Municipality, Isla de Ratón, wis foondit bi a group led bi Pedro Loroima in 1943.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Autana Municipality, accordin tae a 2007 population estimate bi the Naitional Institute o Statistics o Venezuela, haes a population o 8,181 (up frae 6,524 in 2000). This amoonts tae 5.8% o the state's population.[3] The municipality's population density is 0.5 inhabitants per square kilometre (1.3/sq mi).[4]

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

The mayor o the Autana Municipality is Bernabe Arana, re-electit on 31 October 2004 wi 45% o the vote.[5][6] The municipality is dividit intae fower pairishes; Samariapo, Sipapo, Munduapo, an Guayapo (previous tae 18 Dizember 1997, the Autana Municipality conteened anerly a single pairish).[2]

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Coordinates: 10°14′30″N 67°33′15″W / 10.2417°N 67.5541°W / 10.2417; -67.5541