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Dios y Federación
(Spaingie: God an Federation)
Location athin Venezuela
Location athin Venezuela
 • GovrenorStella Lugo (2008–2012)
 • Total24800 km2 (9,600 sq mi)
Area rank10t
 2.71% of Venezuela
 (2010 est.)
 • Total950,057
 • Rank11t
 3.45% o Venezuela
Time zoneUTC-04:00
ISO 3166 codeVE-I
Emblematic treeCují yaque (Prosopis juliflora)
^[c] As Coro State; in 1874, it was renamed as Falcón State.
Médanos de Coro, Falcón.

Falcón State (Spaingie: Estado Falcón, IPA: [esˈtaðo falˈkon]) is ane o the 23 states (estados) intae which Venezuela is dividit. The state caipital is Coro.

Demographics an geografie

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Falcón State kivers a tot surface aurie o 24,800 km² an, in 2010, haed an estimatit population o 950,057.[1] The Paraguaná Peninsulae is connectit tae the rest o the state bi the Médanos Isthmus. The island o Aruba is 27 km aff the northren coast o Paraguaná Peninsulae. The ither twa ABC islands (Bonaire an Curaçao) are a little further aff the coast o the state.

Naitional pairks

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Thare are fower naitional pairks in the state: the Médanos de Coro Naitional Pairk, the Cueva de la Quebrada del Toro, Morrocoy, an Juan Crisóstomo Falcón Naitional Pairk.


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The aurie wis first splorit in 1499 bi Juan de la Cosa an Amerigo Vespucci, as pairt o an expedeetion owerseen bi Alonso de Ojeda.[2] The State is namit efter Preses Juan Crisóstomo Falcón.


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The region is maistly coastal lawlands an the northren Andean muntain hills, an is maistly dry wi limitit agricultur production.[2] Fermin maistly occurs in river valleys an muntainous auries, an includes maize, coconut, sesame, coffee an succar cane.[2]

Coro, the state caipital an the Paraguaná Peninsula hae haed significant amoonts o industrialization an growth.[2] Lairge ile refineries such as the Paraguana Refinery Complex in the ceety o Punto Fijo are locatit on the soothwastren shore o the Paraguaná Peninsulae, an approximately twa-thirds o Venezuela’s tot ile production occurs in this aurie, hintle o which is exportit via tanker ships[2] that ship internaitionally throu the port o Amuay.

Municipalities an municipal seats

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