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A cup o coffee
A cup o black coffee
TypeHet or cauld (uisually het)
Kintra o originEthiopie
IntroducedApprox. 15t century (beverage)
ColorDark broun, beige, black, licht broun

Coffee is a brewed drink makkit fae roostit seeds, eften cried coffee beans, o the coffee plant. Caffeinatit coffee haes a stimulatin effect in fowk. The day, coffee is yin o the maist popular drinks warldwide.[1]

Coffee wis first consumed in the nint century, whan it wis foond in the heichlands o Ethiopie.[2] Fae thon, it spread tae Egyp an Yemen, an bi the 15t century, haed reached Azerbaijan, Persie, Turkey, an northren Africae. Fae the Muslim warld, coffee spread tae Italy, then tae the rest o Europe, tae Indonesie, an tae the Americaes.

Arabica coffee growin

Coffee berries, which contain the coffee bean, is produced bi mony spece o wee evergreen bush o the genus Coffea. The twa maist commonly growed species is Coffea canephora (cried Coffea robusta an aa) an Coffea arabica.

Thir are cultivated in Latin Americae, Soothaest Aisie, an Africae.[3] Yince ripe, coffee berries are picked, processed, an dried.

Coffee beans dryin

The seeds are then roostit, unnergoin mony pheesical an chemeecal chynges. Thon are roostit tae varyin degrees, dependin on the desired flavor. Thay are then grund an brewed tae mak coffee. Coffee can be prepared an presentit in mony ways.[4]

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