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A Silver Fir shuit shawin three successive years o retained leaves.

In botany, an evergreen is a plant that haes leaves in aw fower saisons, always green. This contrasts wi deciduous plants, which completely lose thair foliage durin the winter or dry saison. Thare are mony different kinds o evergreen plants, baith trees an shrubs. Evergreens include:

The Laitin binomial term sempervirens (leeterally, "always green") refers tae the evergreen naitur o the plant, for instance:

Acer sempervirens (a maple)
Cupressus sempervirens (a cypress)
Lonicera sempervirens (a honeysuckle)
Sequoia sempervirens (a sequoia)
Ulmus parvifolia 'Sempervirens' (an elm)

Leaf persistence in evergreen plants varies frae a few months (wi new leaves constantly bein grown as auld anes are shed) tae several decades (ower thirty years in the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine[1]).

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