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Agricultur is the growin o fuid an ither things for fowk an ainimals. No juist fuid craps is grawn but things like flouers, ornamental plaunts an nursery plaunts, manure or dung, ainimal hides, laither, industrial chemicals (starch, ethanol, an plastics), feebres (cotton, oo, hemp, an flax), fuels (methane, biodiesel, biomass), an drogs (biopharmaceuticals, marijuana, opium)

Agricultur micht hae stairtit mair nor 10,000 year syne, but naebody kens for shuir hou auld it is. Agricultur stairtit in the Fertile Crescent in East Asie. The airt cried the Fertile Crescent is nou in the kintras o Iraq, Sirie, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, an Egyp. Wheat an baurley is some o the first craps fowk grew. Fowk aiblins stairtit agricultur by plautin a puckle craps, but aye gaithert mony fuids frae the wild. Fowk micht hae stairtit fermin acause the wather an syle begoud tae chynge. Fermin can feed mony mair fowk nor gaitherin on the same bit grund.

Mony fowk leeves by tawin awa at whit is cried subseestence agricultur, on a wee ferm. Anerly the fermer's faimily leeves on the ferm. Subseestence agricultur is growin juist eneuch fuid for tae feed the fermer, his faimily, an his beasts. Extrae fuid or ainimals is selt for siller or ither things the fermer canna growe. The yield is the amoont o fuid grown on a gien bit laund, an the yield is aften law, acause subseestence fermers is less eddicate, an they hae less siller for tae coff graith. Whan yields is law, forests is whiles cuttit for tae fend new laund for tae growe fuid. This is guid in the short term, but can be ill for the kintra an the laund in the lang term.

In rich kintras, ferms is aften a hail sicht lairger an the yield on the ferms haes gotten bigger in the last hunder year, acause fermers growes better varieties o plaunts, uise mair fertilizer, uise mair watter, an haes less weeds an pests. Mair oot ower, mony ferms uises machines, sae they need fewer fermers. Sae, there are fewer fermers in rich kintras, but they growe mair fuid. This kind o intensive agricultur maks problems an aw. Fermers uises a lot o chemical fertilizers, pesticides (chemicals that kills insects), an herbicides (chemicals that kills weeds). They whiles pollute the syle or the watter. They whiles mair reseestant insects an weeds. The syle is whiles skaithed by erosion, saut accumulation, or loss o structur. Irrigation (taen watter frae rivers) can pollute watter an lawer the watter table. Haein fewer fermers chynges society an aw an can mak a kintra less able tae feed itsel in haurd times.