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Coordinates: 33°N 44°E / 33°N 44°E / 33; 44

Republic o Iraq
  • جمهورية العـراق (Arabic)
  • كۆماريى عێراق (Kurdish)
Motto: الله أكبر (Arabic)
"Allahu Akbar(transleeteration)
"God is the Greatest"
Anthem: "Mawtini"
"My Homeland"
Location o Iraq
Location o Iraq
an lairgest ceety
33°20′N 44°26′E / 33.333°N 44.433°E / 33.333; 44.433
Offeecial leids
Releegion Islam
Demonym Iraqi
Govrenment Federal pairlamentary republic
• Preses
Fuad Masum
Haider al-Abadi
Legislatur Cooncil o Representatives
Unthirldom frae the Unitit Kinrick
• Kingdom
3 October 1932 (1932-10-03)
14 July 1958
15 October 2005
• Tot
437,072 km2 (168,754 sq mi) (59t)
• Watter (%)
• 2016 estimate
38,146,025[1][2] (36t)
• Density
82.7/km2 (214.2/sq mi) (125t)
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
• Total
$612 billion[3] (34t)
• Per capita
$16,551[3] (71st)
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
• Total
$240.006 billion[3] (47t)
• Per capita
$6,491[3] (88t)
Gini (2012) 29.5[4]
HDI (2014) Increase 0.654[5]
medium · 121st
Siller Iraqi dinar (IQD)
Time zone AST (UTC+3)
Drives on the right
Cawin code +964
ISO 3166 code IQ
Internet TLD .iq
  1. Constitution o Iraq, Airticle 4 (1st).

Iraq (pronounced /iːˈrɑːk/ (deprecatit template) or /ɪˈræk/, Arabic: العراق Al-Irāq), offeecially the Republic o Iraq (Arabic: About this sound جمهورية العراق  Jumhūrīyat Al-Irāq, Kurdish: كؤماری عێراق‎‎, Komara Îraqê)[6] is a kintra in Wastren Asie spannin maist o the northwastren end o the Zagros muntain range, the eastren pairt o the Sirie Desert an the northren pairt o the Arabie Desert.[7]

Iraq is bordered bi Jordan tae the wast, Sirie tae the northwast, Turkey tae the north, Iran tae the east, an Kuwait an Saudi Arabie tae the sooth. Iraq haes a narrae section o coastline measurin 58 km (35 miles) on the northren Persie Gulf. The caipital ceety, Baghdad is in the centre-east o the kintra.

Twa major rivers, the Tigris an Euphrates, run throu the centre o Iraq, flowin frae northwast tae sootheast. Thir provide Iraq wi agriculturally capable land an contrast wi the steppe an desert landscape that covers maist o Wastren Asie.

Historically, the territory comprisin o the land cawed "Iraq" wis kent in Europe bi the Greek toponym 'Mesopotamie' (Land atween the rivers). Iraq haes been hame tae continuous successive ceevilizations syne the 6t millennium BC. The region atween the Tigris an Euphrates rivers is identifee'd as the cradle o ceevilization an the birthplace o writin an the wheel.

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