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Scrievin is the airt o scartin merks ontae something whauras writin is the act o recordin information on a medium sae that it micht be read by ithers or at a later time. The tairm "scrieve" is defined be the Dictionar o the Scots Leid as "To write, esp. to write easily and copiously".

The medium is for ordinar paper, tho ither permanent media, sic as claith an cley can be uised. Temporar media sic as televeesion an pictur screens can be uised for tae shaw writin an aw.

Writin is aft duin uisin a haund tuil sic as a pincil, a pen, or a besom, but mair an mair, text is bein creautit by computer prenters unner the guidal o a computer application.

In the earliest times, writin wis for ordinar a set o picturs, that stuid for wirds or ideas. The Egyptians uised this kind o method in thair upmak o hieroglyphs. Cheenae uises the same thocht the day, whaur a chairacter staunds for a thing raither nor a soond.

It is anerly in the hintmaist few hunder year that maist fowk haes been able tae write an tae read. Till than, eddication wis anerly for the walthy or feckfu, an acause ilka beuk haed tae be shapit by haund, thare war gey few beuks appen compeart tae the billions in the warld the day.

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