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We uise time for tae sequence events, for tae compare thair durations an the intervals atween thaim, an for tae quantifee the speed that objects muives at.

  • For tae meisur time, we can uise onything that repeats itsel raigular. Ae ensaumple is the dawin o a new day (as the Yird birls oabot its axis). Twa mair is the phases o the muin (as it birls arboot the Yird), an the saisons o the year (as the Yird birls aboot the Sun). E'en in auncient times, fowk developit calendars for tae keep track o the nummer o days in a year. Thay developit sundials that uised the muivin shaidaes cuist by the sun throu the day for tae meisur times smawer nor a day an aw. The day, gey an accurate knocks can meisur times less nor a billiont o a seicont. The study o time meisurment is horology.
  • The SI (Systeme Internationale) unit o time is ae seicont, written as s.
  • Time is cawd "Temps" (pronouncit "[t̪ɑ]"in French), an it daes come frae Latin "tempus". It haes gien the English wird "tense" that means "grammatical time".

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