Coat o airms o Iraq

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Coat o airms o Iraq.
Coat o airms o Iraq.

The coat o airms or state emblem o Iraq includes the Eagle o Saladin associatit wi 20t-century pan-Arabism, bearin a shield o the Iraqi banner, an hauldin a scroll belaw wi the Arabic wirds الجمهورية العراقية (al-Jumhuriya al-`Iraqiya or "The Iraqi Republic").

The Iraqi govrenment intendit tae introduce a new coat-o-airms for the kintra afore 2009, sae the current design mey be the maist short-lived.[1] The new airms will maist likely be introduced at the same time as the new banner.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first post-monarchical state emblem o Iraq (adoptit unner the Qassem regime) wis based on the auncient sun-disk seembol o Shamash, an avoidit pan-Arab seembolism. In 1965, the first coat o airms incorporatin the Eagle o Saladin wis adoptit (based on the earlier coat o airms o the Unitit Arab Republic). It did no hae the Takbir text atween the starns, an the banner stripes wur placed vertically on the shield. This version remained in uise till replaced bi a version wi Takbir an horizontal stripes in 1991, follaein a seemilar chynge tae the banner. In 2004, the airms wis slichtly altered tae conform wi the banner; the script on the shield wis chynged tae Kufic. Continued controversy ower Iraq's banner resultit in Iraq's govrenment adoptin an interim banner which haes removed the green starns but retains the Kufic script.[2][3] The future o the coat-o-airms is linked tae the future o the banner.

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