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The Naitional Emblem (Naitional Seembol) o Thailand features the Garuda, a figure frae baith Buddhist an Hindu meethology. In Thailand, this figure is uised as a seembol o the ryal family an authority. This version o the figure is referred tae as Krut Pha, meanin "garuḍa actin as the vehicle (o Vishnu)." The Naitional Emblem is an aa the Emblem o the Keeng o Thailand.

The Garuda an aa features in the coat o airms o Indonesie an the ceety o Ulan Bator (the caipital o Mongolie). The coat o airms of Indonesie is different frae that o Thailand in ane respect, acause Emblem o Thailand does no feature a heraldic shield.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1873, Keeng Chulalongkorn designed a coat o airms for uise in Siam (the auld name for Thailand), in the wastren heraldic style. Forty years later, he decidit that the coat o airms wis too wastrenized an lacked ony image o the Garuda (which the keengs o the Ayutthaya Kinrick haed uised as seembol o their pouer).

He then ordered his brither Prince Naris tae make a new emblem in place o the coat o airms. At first, Naris haed designed an emblem featurin Garuda, Naga an Vishnu inside a circle. The emblem wis ae uised for a short while afore the keeng suggestit Naris removed the images o Vishnu an Naga.

Efter Chulalongkorn's reign, Keeng Vajiravudh ordered Phra Dhevabhinimit (Thai: พระเทวาภินิมมิต (ฉาย เทียมศิลปชัย)) tae create a new emblem. The new ane featured Chulalongkorn's emblem, but encircled it tae create an ooter rim, which contained the ryal ceremonial name. Upon coronation o a new keeng, the ryal emblem is chynged tae correspond wi the name o the new keeng. Efter the abdication o Keeng Prajadhipok in 1935, Keeng Ananda Mahidol succeedit tae the throne, but he wis never crouned, so a new emblem wis no creatit an Chulalongkorn's emblem wis uised instead.

Today, an image o Garuda athoot the circle aroond it is used as the emblem o Thailand. It is printit at the top o offeecial documents an letters. Garuda sculptures are given bi the keeng as a ryal warrant tae ony reliable an lawful companies who made trade contract wi ryal hoosehauld an request so.