Emblem o Bhutan

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The Emblem o Bhutan maintains several elements o the Banner o Bhutan, wi slichtlie different artistry, an contains muckle Buddhist seembolism.

The offeecial description is as follaes:

"The naitional emblem, contained in a circle, is composed o a double diamond-thunnerbolt (dorje) placed abuin a lotus, surmuntit bi a jewel an framed bi twa dragons. The thunderbolt represents the harmony atween secular an releegious pouer. The lotus seembolizes purity; the jewel expresses sovereign pouer; an the twa dragons, male an female, staund for the name o the kintra which they proclaim wi their great vyce, the thunner." It is an aa kent for its seembolic colors o the emblem wi the gowd, teal, red etc...

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