Banner o Bhutan

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The naitional banner o Bhutan is ane o the naitional seembols o the Himalayan Kinrick o Bhutan. The banner is based upon the tradeetion o the Drukpa Lineage o Tibetan Buddhism an features Druk, the Thunder Dragon o Bhutanese meethology. The basic design o the banner bi Mayum Choying Wangmo Dorji dates tae 1947. A version wis displayed in 1949 at the signin o the Indo-Bhutan Treaty. A seicont version wis introduced in 1956 for the veesit o Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuk tae eastren Bhutan; it wis based upon photos o its 1949 predecessor an featurt a white Druk in place o the green oreeginal.

The Bhutanese subsequently redesigned thair banner tae match the measurements o the banner o Indie, which thay believed fluttered better nor thair awn. Ither modifications sic as chyngin the reid backgrund colour tae orange led tae the current naitional banner, in uise syne 1969. The Naitional Assembly o Bhutan codified a code o conduct in 1972 tae formalize the banner's design establish protocol regardin acceptable banner sizes an conditions for flyin the banner.

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