Emblem o Iran

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Coat o airms o Iran

The emblem o Iran (نشان رسمی ایران) syne the 1979 Iranian Revolution features a stylized Perso-Arabic script o the wird Allah ("God").

The logo consists o fower crescents an a swuird. The fower crescents are meant tae staund for the wird Allah. The five pairts o the emblem seembolise the Principles o the Releegion. Abuin the swuird is a shadda: in Arabic script, this is uised tae double a letter. The shape o the emblem is chosen tae resemble a tulip, for the memory o the fowk who dee'd for Iran: it is an auncient belief in Iran, datin back tae meethology, that if a yung sodger dees patriotically a reid tulip will grow on his grave. In recent years it haes been considered the seembol o martyrdom.

The logo wis designed bi Hamid Nadimi, an wis offeecially approved bi Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini foonder o Islamic Republic o Iran on Mey 9, 1980.

The logo is encodit in Unicode, in the Miscellaneous Seembols range, at codepoint U+262B (☫) unner the name "FARSI SYMBOL".[1] It is unclear why it wis includit in Unicode 1.0 syne technically it is a logo, no a character. It is no uised in Persian text an is no referred tae as "Persian seembol" ootside o the Unicode staundart.

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