Emblem o Kuwait

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Emblem o Kuwait

The emblem o Kuwait (Arabic: شعار الكويت‎) wis adoptit in 1962 an it consists o the shield o the banner design in colour superimposed on a falcon wi wings displayed. The falcon supports a disk containin a sailin ship (dhow) wi the full name o the state written (in Arabic) at the tap o the disk.

The dhow is a seembol o the maritime tradeetion o the kintra an is an aa foond in the naitional coats o airms o Qatar. The falcon is a seembol o the Banu Quraish line, tae which the prophet Muhammad belanged an is likwise foond in mony coats o airms o the Arabian Peninsula.

The coat o airms replaced an aulder emblem wi a falcon an twa crossed banners.

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