Banner o Kuwait

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The banner o Kuwait (Arabic: علم الكويت‎) wis adoptit on September 7, 1961 an offeecially hoistit November 24, 1961.

Afore 1961, the banner o Kuwait, lik those o ither Gulf states, wis reid an white. The present banner is in the Pan-Arab colours, but each colour is an aa significant in its awn richt. Black represents the defeat o the enemy, while reid is the colour o bluid on the Kuwaiti swords. White seembolizes purity, an green is for the fertile land.

The colours' meanin came frae a poem bi Safie Al-Deen Al-Hali:

  • White are oor actions
  • Black are oor wars
  • Green are oor lands
  • Red are oor swords

Rules o hangin an flyin the banner:

  • Horizontally: The green stripe shoud be on tap.
  • Vertically: The green stripe shoud be on the richt side o the banner.
Peter Lynn's Kuwaiti Banner kite

In 2005, it became the design o the warld's lairgest kite at a size o 1019 square metres. It wis made in New Zealand bi Peter Lynn, launcht tae the public for the first time in 2004 in the Unitit Kinrick, offeecially launcht in Kuwait in 2005, an haes no been surpassed syne.

Emir's banner[eedit | eedit soorce]

The current emir o Kuwait is no kent tae hae a personal ryal staundart. It is a possibility that he uises the naitional banner as his awn. In photographs he appears wi the naitional banner wi a golden fringe. Umwhile the banner o the emir wis the naitional ane wi a yellae croun on the green stripe.

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