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Banner as it is uised at polis stations

The Banner o Cyprus (Greek: Σημαία της Κύπρου, Turkis: Kıbrıs bayrağı) came intae uise on August 16, 1960 unner the Zürich an Lunnon Agreements, wherebi a constitution wis draftit an Cyprus wis proclaimed an independent state.

The naitional banner features a map o the entirety o the island, wi twa olive branches belaw (a seembol o peace) on white (anither seembol o peace). The olive branches signify peace atween the Turks an Greeks. The map on the banner is a copper-orange colour, seembolizin the lairge deposits o copper ore on the island (chiefly in the form o chalcopyrite, which is yellow in colour), frae which it mey hae received its name.

Cyprus wis conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1571, which initiatit Turkis settlement on the island. It then fell unner Breetish control in 1878. The banner, adoptit at unthirldom in 1960, deliberately chose peaceful an neutral seembols in an attempt te indicate harmony atween the rival Greek an Turkish communities, an ideal that haes no yet been realized. In 1974, Turkish forces invadit an occupied the northren pairt o the island, formin the Turkish Republic o Northren Cyprus, a de-facto state recognized ae bi Turkey an the non sovereign Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan. They an aa introduced a banner similar tae the Turkish, wi invertit colours an twa red stripes. The pairt which is occupied bi the Turkish forces an aa tends tae fly the naitional banner o Turkey, whilst in soothren Cyprus, the naitional banner o Greece is aften uised thegether wi the banner o Cyprus.