Banner o Sri Lanka

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Flag of Sri Lanka.svg

The Banner o Sri Lanka, an aa cried the Lion Banner, consists o a gowd lion, haulding a sword in its richt fore paw, in front o a crimson backgrund wi fower gowden bo leaves in each corner. Aroond the backgrund is a yellae border, an tae its left are 2 vertical stripes o equal size in saffron a green, wi the saffron stripe closest tae the lion. The lion represents bravery, an the fower bo leaves represent meththa, karuna, muditha an Uppekha. The orange stripe represents the Sri Lankan Tamils, the green stripe represents Sri Lankan Moors, the crimson backgrund represents European Burghers an is an' a' a reference tae the rich colonial backgrund o the kintra an the yellae border represents ither ethnic groups such as Sri Lankan Malays etc.

It wis adoptit in 1950 follaein the recommendations o a committee appointit bi the 1st Prime Meenister o Ceylon, The Rt Hon D.S. Senanayake.