Banner o Kyrgyzstan

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Banner ratio: 3:5
Staundart o the Preses o Kyrgyzstan

The banner o Kyrgyzstan wis adoptit on 3 Mairch 1992 bi the Supreme Council o Kyrgyzstan.[1] It consists o a reid field w a yellae sun in the centre haein 40 uniformly spaced rays. In the centre o the sun is a reid ring crossed bi twa sets o three lines, a stylized representation o the tündük (Kyrgyz:түндүк}}, tyndyk) or croun o the traditional Kyrgyz yurt, a seembol replicatit in mony facets o Kyrgyz airchitecture.

The reid backgrund o the banner seembolizes bravery an valor, the sun represents peace an wealth, an the tunduk signifies the faimily hame or, bi extension, the universe.[1] Accordin tae popular interpretations,[2] the sun's 40 rays represent the 40 Kyrgyz tribes unified against the Mongols bi the epic hero Manas.

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