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Mongol camp, c. 1845
Tot population
(~10 million)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Sooth Korea34,000[4]
Unitit States15,000–18,000[5]
Czech Republic7,515[6]
Unitit Kinrick3,701[7]
Predominantly Mongolic leids, an aw Cheenese an Roushie
Predominantly Tibetan Buddhism, an aw Shamanism (formally Tengriism).[2][8]
Small Christian group exist.
Relatit ethnic groups
Daur, Monguor an Turco-Mongol fowks

Mongols (Mongolie: Монголчууд, Mongolchuud) are a Central-East Asie ethnic group that bides mainly in the kintras o Mongolie, Cheenae, an Roushie. Awin tae wars an migrations, Mongols are foond in some Central Asie states sic as Kazakhstan an aw. In Cheenae, ethnic Mongols can be foond mainly in the central north region o Cheenae sic as Inner Mongolie (smawer nummer o Mongols can be foond in Xinjiang in northwast Cheenae an aw). The Buryat brainch o the Mongol ethnic group can be foond in the autonomous republic o Buryatie, Roushie. Ethnic Mongols are bund thegither bi a common leid an cultur. Thay speak leids belangin tae the Mongolic leids. The contiguous territories inhabitit bi ethnic Mongols is kent as Greater Mongolie an aw. Thare are approximately 10 million ethnic Mongols in tot.

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