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Banner o Morocco

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The Banner of Morocco ( Arabic: علم المغرب‎) is the emblem o the Kinrick of Morocco. It is reid hit a green five-pyntit star.

Fully reid Oreeginally, this historic emblem o the Alawite dynasty in power syne the seventeenth century haes been joined, sae as tae distinguish it frae the reid flags in uise in ither countries, a green pentagram in the center in 1915 three years efter Morocco became a french protectorate.

On 8 Mey 2010, a Moroccan banner wi a size of 60 meters squared is certified bi the Guinness Book of World Records as the lairgest banner in the warld iver[1], Your wecht is 20 tons,he wis made in Dakhla

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Construction sheet
Wide an vertical presentations

In the seventeenth century, when Morocco wis unner the authority o the Alawite dynasty, your naitional banner sported a solit reid colour. The Sharifs of Mecca employed this colour as colour reference. The Moroccan banner will keep until the time o the Protectorate, shawin a similarity tae those of ither colonized nations. At the time o the Protectorate, the reid banner will be kept as a royal banner, but that o the naition will include a five-pyntit star bi the Dahir of 17 November 1915 signed bi Sultan Moulay Youssef.

Efter unthirldom, the pentagram is maintained, the five branches evoked the five pillars of Islam. Zakat, prayer an confession of faith in the leet. The pilgrimage tae the holy ceety of Mecca at least ance in life an fasting, forby kent as Ramadan, the complement. This is the best kent version that wis uised tae justify the chynge. The Moroccan naitional banner haed tae wait a lang time afore such a naitional banner float. It wis juist uised as an object representation o the naition on earth. It is anly when the Moroccan unthirldom wis proclaimed in 1956 that finally the banner floating in the air as a seembol o the kintra.

We find that star on the arms of Morocco, atween twa lions. The current banner of Morocco uisually wears green star symmetrical wi respect tae the vertical centerline. Whiles it occurs wi green star symmetrical relative tae the horizontal central axis an aw, the axial tip is then directed tae the floating portion. This variant wis seen in front o the royal mausoleum in Rabat.

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