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The national banner o Cambodie wis readoptit in 1993, efter elections returned the monarchy tae rule.

Brief heestory[eedit | eedit soorce]

Since aroond 1850, the Cambodien flag haes featured a depiction o Angkor Wat in the center. The current flag, wi a blue border an red central (the stripes ar in the ratio 1:2:1) wis adoptit followin Cambodie's independence in 1948. It wis uised till October 9, 1970, when a new flag wis introduced for Lon Nol's Khmer Republic that lasted till the takeover o the Khmer Rouge in 1975. The subsequent state o Democratic Kampuchea, which existed frae 1975 tae 1979, uised a red flag wi a three-towered Angkor Wat design retained in yellow.

The Fowkrepublic o Kampuchea wis established in 1979, efter the Vietnamese invasion o Cambodi. The Kampuchean Naitional Unitit Front for Naitional Salvation (FUNSK) revived the flag adopted bi the Khmer Issarak in the days o anti-French resistance for the new state. This flag haed the same color pattern as the DK flag, but wi a yellow five-touered Angkor Wat silhouette. When the PRK renamed itself as "State o Cambodia" (SOC) in 1989, the flag's lawer half became blue. The UNTAC flag wis used during the 1992-1993 transitional period alang wi the flag o the SOC within Cambodia.

In 1993 the 1948 Cambodian banner wis readopted. The current Cambodian banner holds the distinction o being the anerlie banner in the warld tae feature a building in its design. Red an blue ar traditional colors o Cambodie.

The flag uised today is the same as that established in 1948, although since then 5 ither designs hae been used. These hae almost all made uise o the image o the temple o Angkor Wat in ane form or anither. This famous temple site, which dates frae the 12t century, wis built bi the Mahidharapura monarchs. It haes 5 touers, but these wur no always all depicted in the stylized version uised on flags. The temple also appears on the arms. The monarchy wis restored in September 1993, the 1948 flag haein been readopted in Juin o that year.

Royal Standard[eedit | eedit soorce]

Flag Duration Use
Royal Standard of the King of Cambodia.svg 1993- Royal Standard o the Keeng o Cambodie

Historical naitional banners[eedit | eedit soorce]

Flag Duration Use
Flag of Cambodia under French protection.svg 1863- March 1945, October 1945-1948 Banner o Cambodie unner French protection
Flag of Cambodia under Japanese occupation.svg March - October 1945 Banner o the short-lived Cambodien Pro-Tokyo puppet state established unner the Japanese occupation o Cambodie
Flag of Cambodia.svg 1948-1970, 1993-present Banner o the Kinrick o Cambodie
Flag of the Khmer Republic.svg 1970-1975 Banner o the Khmer Republic
Flag of Democratic Kampuchea.svg 1975-1979 Banner o Democratic Kampuchea
Flag of the People's Republic of Kampuchea.svg 1979-1989 Banner o the Fowkrepublic o Kampuchea
Flag of the State of Cambodia.svg 1989-1991 Banner o the State o Cambodie[1]
Flag of Cambodia under UNTAC.svg 1992-1993 Banner o the Unitit Naitions Transitional Authority in Cambodie (UNTAC)

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