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Banner o Japan

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The naitional banner o Japan is a white rectangular banner wi a lairge reid disk (representin the sun) in the center. This banner is offeecially cried Nisshōki (日章旗, "sun-mark banner") in Japanese, but is mair commonly kent as Hinomaru (日の丸, "sun disc").

The Nisshōki banner is designatit as the naitional banner in Law Regardin the Naitional Banner an Naitional Anthem, which wis promulgatit an became effective on August 13, 1999. Awtho no earlier legislation haed specified a naitional banner, the sun-disc banner haed awready acome the de facto naitional banner o Japan. Twa proclamations issued in 1870 bi the Daijō-kan, the govrenmental body o the early Meiji Era, each haed a proveesion for a design o the naitional banner. A sun-disc banner wis adoptit as the naitional banner for merchant ships unner Proclamation No. 57 o Meiji 3 (issued on Februar 27, 1870), an as the naitional banner uied bi Navy unner Proclamation No. 651 o Meiji 3 (issued on October 27, 1870). Uise o the Hinomaru wis severely restricted during the early years o the American occupation efter Warld War II, awtho restrictions wur later relaxed.