Banner o Qatar

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Dimensions: 11:28

The banner o Qatar (Arabic: علم قطر‎) haes a proportion o 11:28. It is maroon color wi a broad white serrated baund (nine white pynts) on the hoist side.

The meanin o Qatar’s banner is:

  • The white colour reflects the internaitionally recognised seembol o peace
  • The maroon colour seembolizes the bluid shed durin the several wars Qatar haed unnergane, parteecularly in the seicont hauf o the 19t century.
  • The nine-pynt serratit line indicates that Qatar is the 9t member o the "reconciled Emirates" o the Persian Gulf in the wake o concludin the Qatari-Breetish treaty in 1916.

It is vera seemilar tae the banner o the neighbourin kintra o Bahrain, which haes fewer pynts, a 3:5 proportion, an a reid colour instead o purpie. A common explanation o the differences atween the twa, is simply tae distinguish them.[1] A popular but fanciful tale referrin tae the maroon colour an the similarity tae the reid Bahrain banner, is that purpie is wha becomes o reid fading in the Gulf sun.[2]. The legend goes that Qatar's banner uised tae be reid, an that a new teep o dye wis uised for the oreeginal banners. Housomeivver efter bein left in the sun, the colour chynged tae maroon, which wis then regardit tae be a mair bonnie colour (bi coincidence). That is an aa why this specific shade o maroon is cawed "Qatar Red".

Qatar's emir, lik Kuwait's, is no kent tae hae a personal staundart, nor daes ony ither member o the ryal faimily.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

It is assumed that, in 1855, Shaikh jasim ibn Muhammad Al Thani awready uised a banner wi seemilar pattern an the colour reid an white. The banner wis offeecially adoptit on Julie 9, 1971, awtho a nearly identical banner (ae differin in proportion) haed been uised syne 1949.

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