Banner o Sudan

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Umwhile banner (1956-1970)

The banner o Sudan (Arabic: علم السودان‎) wis adoptit on Mey 20, 1970, an consists o a reid-white-black tricolour wi a green triangle next tae the hoist. Prior tae the 1969 military coup o Gaafar Nimeiry, a blue-yellae-green tricolour design wis uised. The current banner, tae shaw Sudan's connection tae the ither Arab states, bears strang resemblance tae the Banner o the Arab Revolt.

Accordin tae World Flags 101:

Reid, white, black an green are cawed the pan-Arab colours an hae been historically linked tae the Arab fowk an Islamic releegion for centuries. The colours staund for Arab unity an independence. The reid stripe represents Sudan's struggle for independence an mony ither struggles, an the sacrifices o the kintra's martyrs. The white represents peace, licht an optimism. It an aa represents the White Flag League which wis a naitionalist group that rose up against colonial rule in 1924. The black represents Sudan; in Arabic 'Sudan' means black. It an aa represents the black flag o naitionalists who fought colonial rule durin the Kimokino Revolution, late in 19t century. Green represents Islam, agricultur an the prosperity o the laund.[1]

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