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The naitional banner o Oman (Arabic: علم عمان‎) consists o three stripes (white, green an red) wi a red bar on the left that contains the naitional emblem o Oman. The white staunds for peace an prosperity, the green for fertility an the Green Muntains, an the red for battles against foreign invaders. The red is an aa the color o the umwhile banner o the naition when it wis kent simply as the Sultanate o Muscat an Oman.

Till 1970, Oman uised the plain red banner o the indigenous fowk. (It remains the banner o the Sultanate o Muscat.) In 1970, the Sultan introduced a complete new set o naitional banners. Baunds o green an white wur addit tae the fly, an the naitional emblem, the badge o the Albusaidi Dynasty, wis placed in the canton. This depicts crossed swords ower a khanjar, a traditional curved dagger. White haes been associatit historically wi the Imam, the releegious leader o Oman an at times the poleetical rival tae the rulin Sultan. It an aa seembolizes peace. Green is traditionally associatit wi the Jebel al Akhdar, or "Green Muntains," which lie toward the north o the kintra. Red is a common color in Gulf state banners. The naitional emblem is said tae date back tae the 18t century. A curved dagger is fastened ower a pair o crossed swords. An ornate horsebit links the weapons.

Atween 1970 an 1995, the size o the middle baund o the triband wis slimmer than the ither twa, makin up approximately ane fift o its heicht, the ither baunds twa-fifts.

The naval ensign shows an azure (blue) field, wi the banner o Oman in the canton or top-left quarter an the naval service emblem in the fly.

The staundart o the Sultan o Oman shows a red fly, wi a green border whose width is aboot ane-saxt o the heicht o the banner, surroondit bi a red border o aboot the same width. It bears the kintra's emblem as a chairge in the center, coloured gold.

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