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Banner ratio uisually 1:2

The Libie Unthirldom Banner is the current banner o Libie, consistin o three horizontal baunds o reid, black an green, wi a white crescent muin an a starn in its centre. It wis the oreeginal banner o the Kinrick o Libie introducit in 1951 follaein the creation o the Libie state in the post-Warld War II period. It wis oreeginally creatit bi Omar Faiek Shennib an appruivit bi Keeng Idris wha comprised[wrang wird or uiss o Scots] the UN delegation representin the regions o Cyrenaica, Fezzan an Tripolitanie at UN discussions that resultit in a unifee'd Libie in 1951.

This banner wis adoptit bi the Naitional Transitional Cooncil an anti-Gaddafi forces an formally reclaimit as the kintra's naitional banner in the Libie interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011,[1][2] as a result o the Faw o Tripoli frae the Gaddafi govrenment in the Libie ceevil war in August 2011.

Historical banners[eedit | eedit soorce]

Great Socialist Fowk Libie Arab Jamahiriya[eedit | eedit soorce]

Banner ratio for ordinar 1:2

The banner o the Gaddafi-led Great Socialist Fowk Libie Arab Jamahiriya wis adoptit on 11 November 1977 an consists o a green field. It wis the anerlie naitional banner in the warld wi juist ae colour an nae design, insignia, or ither details.[3] It wis chosen bi Libie leader Muammar Gaddafi tae seembolise his poleetical philosophy (efter his Green Beuk).[4]

The green colour tradeetionally seembolises Islam, reflectin the historical green banners o the Fatimid Caliphate. In Libie, green wis an aw a colour tradeetionally uised tae represent the Tripolitanie region.

Libie (2011-)[eedit | eedit soorce]

This banner wis oreeginaly the banner o the Kinrick o Libie atween 1951 an 1969. The banner wis first uised bi murmlers durin the Libyan protests o 2011. It is nou uised bi the Naitional Transeetional Cooncil.

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