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Banner o Algerie FIAV 111110.svg
Banner o Algerie FIAV 111110.svg
The banner o the Algerian government in exile, 1958–1962

The naitional banner o Algerie (Arabic: علم الجزائر, French: Drapeau de l'Algérie) consists o twa equal vertical bars, green an white, chairged in the center wi a red star an crescent. The white color represents peace; the green, the brawness o natur; the red, the blood o those killed fechtin for unthirldom in the Algerian War (1954 tae 1962) an the starn an crescent represent Islam.

The flag wis adoptit on Julie 3, 1962. A similar version wis uised bi the Algerian government in exile frae 1958 tae 1962.

The banner's design is inspired frae the stanudart o Emir Abdel Kadir in the 19t century which consistit o twa equal vertical baunds, green an white, as well as being inspired from the flag of the Algerian Regency frae the 16t tae the 19t century, which consistit o a white crescent an star on a red backgrund (the same as the modren banner o Turkey; the Algerian Regency wis an autonomous member state o the Ottoman Empire). Housomeivver, for the maist pairt its history is unclear. It is an aa believed tae be based on a banner creatit in 1928 bi Messali Hadj, a naitionalist leader. White, green an red, alang wi the starn an crescent hae been uised historically in Islamic kintras.

Algerian ships fly the naitional banner as their ensign, except for ships o the Algerian Naitional Navy, which uise the naitional banner chairged wi twa red crossed anchors in the canton as the naval ensign.

The Wastren blazon is per pale Vert an Argent; a crescent an starn Gules.

Unlike mony African banners, the features o the banner are set doun precisely, being described as:

a green an white rectangle embossed bi a red starn an a red crescent ... the green must be a composition o equal yellow an blue haein [wi] a wavelength o 5.411 an the position 600 on the normal spectre. The red must be pure, of primary indecomposable colour, an exempt o blue an yellow haein, [wi] a wavelength o 6.562 an the position 285 on the normal spectre.[1]

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