Banner o Cape Verde

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Banner o Cape Verde
Usenaitional banner an ensign
Proportion2:3 (de facto)
Adoptit22 September 1992

The naitional banner o Cape Verde wis adoptit on 22 September 1992, replacin the banner adoptit durin Cape Verdean unthirldom, focht for wi Guinea-Bissau, anither umwhile Portuguese colony on mainland Wast Africae.

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 10 starns on the banner represent the main islands o the naition (a chain o islands aff the coast o Wast Africae). The blue represents the ocean an the sky. The baund o white an reid represents the road toward the construction o the naition, an the colours staund for peace (white) an effort (red). The yellae colour, circular formation o the starns, an dark blue field shaw similarity tae the Banner o Europe (which haes 12 starns insteid o 10, an wis oreeginally designed for the Cooncil o Europe, but is uised bi the European Union) an aw. The stripes are in 6:1:1:1:3 ratio, an the circle o starns is centred 3/8 alang the flee.

Proportions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Variant wi 10:17 ratio

The Constitution o the Republic[1] daes no specifee wha the offeecial proportions for the hicht an the width o the banner are. The dimensions o the pairts that mak up the banner are gien proportionally tae the dimensions o the sides, athoot specifyin those dimensions. Housomeivver, the proportion maist widely uised is 2:3,[2] which is the same proportion that wis uised in the banner prior tae 1992. Consequently, 2:3 is the de facto (but no de jure) proportion.

Colour shades[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Boletim Oficial gies the offeecial shades o the banner's colours (as well as the colours o the Airms o the Republic):[3]

Colour Pantone Wab colours RGB CMYK HSV
Blue 287C #003893 0, 56, 147 100%, 89%, 8%, 2% 218.69°, 100%, 55.47%
White - #ffffff 255, 255, 255 0%, 0%, 0%, 0% 0, 0, 100%
Reid 186C #cf2027 207, 32, 39 12%, 100%, 100%, 3% 347.31°, 98.49%, 80.31%
Yellae 116C #f7d116 247, 209, 22 4%, 15%, 98%, 0% 47.74°, 100%, 100%

The Pantone, CMYK an RGB are offeecial as published in the bulletin. The ither colour shades (Wab an HSV) are interpretations o the Pantone staundarts.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Afore unthirldom frae Portugal, Cape Verde did no hae a offeecial banner, an the Portuguese naitional banner wis uised. In the late 1960s, a banner for the Portuguese owerseas province o Cape Verde wis proposed, consistin o the banner o Portugal defacit wi the shield frae the provincial airms in the lawer flee. Housomeivver, this banner wis niver adoptit.

The oreeginal naitional banner o Cape Verde wis introducit on unthirldom in 1975, an wis based on the banner o the Partido Africano para a Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde (PAIGC). It uised the common African colours o reid, green an yellae, an wis identical tae the Banner o Guinea-Bissau except for the chairge in the hoist-side stripe. Thair similarity evokit the plans tae unite baith kintras, which, housomeivver, wur abandoned shortly efter unthirldom. Guinea-Bissau gained unthirldom on 10 September 1974.

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