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The Banner of Europe is the banner an emblem o the European Union (EU) an Cooncil o Europe (CoE)[1] (it is uised tae indicate the euro or eurozone kintras an aw). It consists o a circle o 12 gowden (yellae) starns on a blue backgrund. The blue represents the wast, the number o starns represents completeness while their position in a circle represents unity. The starns dae no vary accordin tae the members o either organisation as they are intendit tae represent aw the fowk o Europe, even those ootside European integration.

The banner wis designed bi Arsène Heitz an Paul Lévy in 1955 for the CoE as its seembol, an the CoE urged it tae be adoptit bi ither organisations. In 1985 the EU, which wis then the European Economic Community (EEC), adoptit it as its awn banner (haein haed nae banner o its awn afore) at the initiative o the European parliament. The banner is no mentioned in the EU's treaties, its incorporation being dropped alang wi the European Constitution, but it is formally adoptit in law.

Despite it being the banner o twa separate organisations, it is aften mair associatit wi the EU due tae the EU's heicher profile an hivy uisage o the emblem. The banner haes been uised tae represent Europe in sportin events an as a pro-democracy banner ootside the Union an aw.[2] It haes partly inspired ither banners, such as those o ither European organisations an those o states whaur the EU haes been hivily involved (such as Bosnie an Herzegovinae an Kosovo).

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  1. It is termed "Banner o Europe" or "European Banner" bi baith organisations, intendit tae represent the continent as a whole, but haes nae legal basis ayont uise bi the CoE. It is forby kent as the "Banner o the European Union" excludin its relation tae the CoE but the term "Banner o the Cooncil o Europe" is niver uised.
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