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  Eurozone 2023 (20)

The Eurozone (cried Euro Area, Euroseestem or Euroland an aw) is the European Union member kintras that haes adoptit the euro siller union. The European Central Baunk is responsible for siller policy athort the zone.

  • Andorrae, Montenegro, Kosovo, an Akrotiri an Dhekelia adoptit the fremmit euro as their legal Siller for muivement o caipital an peyments athoot parteecipation in the ESCB or the richt tae mint cunyies. Andorra is in the process o enterin a monetary greement seemilar tae that o the microstates abuin.
  • Awtho no legal tender in Denmark, the euro is acceptit in some shops athort baith kintras, in parteecular internaitional shops in lairge ceeties, an shops in Northren Ireland near the laundmairch wi the Republic o Ireland, whaur the euro is the offeecial siller. Seemilar, the euro is widely acceptit in Swisserland, e'en bi offeecial buirds, sic as the Swiss Railweys [2].

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