New Caledon

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Coordinates: 21°15′S 165°18′E / 21.25°S 165.30°E / -21.25; 165.30

New Caledon
Banner o FrauncePro-Unthirldom Banner o New Caledon
Banner Emblem
Motto: "Terre de parole, terre de partage"
"Laund o speech, laund o sharin"[1]
Anthem: Soyons unis, devenons frères [1]
Status Special collectivity
an largest city
22°16′S 166°28′E / 22.267°S 166.467°E / -22.267; 166.467
Offeecial leids French
Recognised regional leids an 35 ither native leids
Demonym New Caledonians
Sovereign state  French Republic
Govrenment Dependent territory
 •  Presidential Heid o State François Hollande
 •  Preses o the Govrenment o New Caledon Philippe Germain
 •  Heich Commissioner Vincent Bouvier
Legislature Congress
Special collectivity o Fraunce
 •  Annexed by France 1853 
 •  Owerseas territory 1946 
 •  Special collectivity 1999 
 •  Tot 18,576 km2 (154th)
7,172 sq mi
 •  Aug. 2014 census 268,767[2]
 •  Density 14.5/km2 (200t)
37.6/sq mi
GDP (nominal) 2011 estimate
 •  Total US$9.89 billion[3]
 •  Per capita US$38,921[3]
Siller CFP franc (XPF)
Time zone (UTC+11)
Drives on the right
Cawin code +687
Internet TLD .nc

New Caledon (French: Nouvelle-Calédonie)[nb 1] is a stewartry o Fraunce in the Paceefic Ocean. 232,258 fowk bides there. The caipital ceety o New Caledon is Nouméa (wi aboot 2000 indwallers).

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Previously known officially as the "Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies" (French: Territoire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie et dépendances), then simply as the "Territory of New Caledonia" (French: Territoire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie), the official French name is now only Nouvelle-Calédonie (Organic Law of 19 March 1999, article 222 IV — see [1]). It should be noted that French courts often continue to use the appellation Territoire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie.
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