Preses o Fraunce

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Preses o the French Republic
Président de la République française
Emmanuel Macron in Tallinn Digital Summit. Welcome dinner hosted by HE Donald Tusk. Handshake (36669381364) (cropped 2).jpg
Emmanuel Macron

since 14 Mey 2017
ResidenceÉlysée Palace, Paris
Term lengthFive years, renewable ance consecutively
Inaugural holderLouis-Napoléon Bonaparte
20 December 1848
FurmationConstitution o the Fift Republic,
4 October 1958
Salary€178,923.72 (€14,910.31/month)[1]

The Preses o the French Republic (French: Président de la République française, French pronunciation: ​[pʁezidɑ̃d(ə) la ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃ˈsɛz]), is the heid o state an govrenment o Fraunce an supreme commander-in-chief o the French Airmed Forces. The preses's pouers, functions an duties, an thair relation wi French govrenments differed wi the various French constitutions.

The preses o Fraunce is an aa the ex officio Co-Prince o Andorrae, Grand Master o the Légion d'honneur an the Ordre national du Mérite an honorary proto-canon o the Basilica o St. John Lateran in Roum.

The current Preses o the Republic is Emmanuel Macron, wha teuk office on 14 Mey 2016.

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