European Pairlament

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European Pairlament
9t European Pairlament
Coat of arms or logo
David Sassoli, S&D
Syne 3 Julie 2019
Mairead McGuinness, EPP
Syne 18 Januar 2017
Klaus Welle
Syne 15 Mairch 2009
EU 2020.svg
Poleetical groups
Lenth o term
5 years
Party leet, STV an First-past-the-post[1]
Last election
23–26 Mey 2019
Meeting place
European Parliament Strasbourg Hemicycle - Diliff.jpg
Louise Weiss: Strasbourg,  France

The European Pairlament (abbreviated as EU Pairlament or the EP) is the directly electit pairlamentary institution o the European Union (EU).

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. A single constituency, the German-speakin electoral college in Belgium, an aa uises First-past-the-post tae elect its single MEP

Coordinates: 48°35′51″N 7°46′09″E / 48.597512°N 7.769092°E / 48.597512; 7.769092