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2019 European Pairlament election

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The 2019 European Pairlament election wis haudit atween 23 an 26 Mey 2019 an is the nint pairlamentary election syne the first direct elections in 1979. In 2018, tot o 751 members o the European Pairlament (MEPs) representit mair nor 512 million fowk fae 28 member kintras. In Februar o thit year, the European Pairlament votit tae lawer the nummer o MEPs fae 751 tae 705 gif the Unitit Kinrick wad leave the European Union oan the 29t Mairch 2019.[1] Housomeir, efter an eik o the Airticle 50 process, the Unitit Kinrick teuk pairt alangside ither EU member kintras.[2] This wis the last European Pairlament election the Unitit Kinrick teuk pairt in.

On 26 Mey 2019, the European Fowk's Pairty led by Manfred Weber wan the maist seats in the European Pairlament, makkin Weber the leadin candidate tae become the neist Preses o the European Commission.[3] Nanetheless, the European Cooncil decidit efter the election tae nominate Ursula von der Leyen fur the job. The centre-left an centre-right pairties dree'd gey losses, while pro-EU centrist, leeberal an environmentalist pairties an anti-EU richt-weeng populist pairties makkit gey gains.[4]

Ootcome[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cairt o Europe shawin the leadin European pairlamentary group in ilk constituency. In constituencies whaur some groups hae the same nummer o seats, thare is mair nor ae colour.
  EPP   S&D   RE   G/EFA   ID
Group Votes % Seats
European Fowk's Pairty 41,211,023 20.80 182
Progressive Alliance o Socialists an Democrats 35,421,084 17.88 154
Renew Europe 23,788,652 12.01 108
Greens–European Free Alliance 19,886,513 10.04 74
Identity an Democracy 20,980,853 10.59 73
European Conservatives an Reformists 14,207,477 7.17 62
European Unitit Left–Nordic Green Left 10,219,537 5.16 41
Non-Inscrits 12,923,417 6.52 57
Soorce: [5]

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