Banner o Gabon

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Banner ratio: 3:4
Staundart o the Preses o Gabon
Staundart o the Preses o Gabon (1960−1990). Banner ratio: 1:1
Banner o Gabon (1959−1960)

The Banner o Gabon haes colours that are green, representin the forests; gowd, representin the equator; an blue, representin the sea.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The airmorial banner o the preses o Gabon an the naitional airms wur baith designed bi Louis Mühlemann, a Swiss heraldist an vexillologist. He chose panthers tae hauld the airms. The banner o Gabon wis adoptit in 1960.[1]

The oreeginal banner adoptit in 1959 wis lik tae the praisent ane but wi stripes o unequal width an the French Tricolour in the canton. The Tricolour wis dropped at unthirldom an the thin yellae stripe, seembolisin the Equator, wis enlairged. Nou the colours represent the sun, the sea, an the kintra's lush naitural resoorces, pairticularly plaunts an trees.[2]

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