Banner o Liberie

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FIAV 111111.svg Liberian Banner.
Umwhile banner o Liberie (1827-1847).
Banner o Liberian Customs Service.

The Liberian banner bears close resemblance tae the banner o the Unitit States, showin the ex-American sclave oreegins o the kintra.[1] The Liberian banner haes seemilar reid an white stripes, as well as a blue square wi a white starn in the canton.

Seebolism[eedit | eedit soorce]

The eleiven stripes seembolise the signatories o the Liberian Declaration o Unthrildom, red an white seembolizing courage an moral excellence. The white starn represents the freedom the ex-slaves wur gien, abuin the blue square representin the African mainland.

The banner is seen on mony ships aroond the warld as Liberie effers registration unner its banner. Shippin companies dae this tae avoid taxes an restrictions that ither kintras enforce.

It is estimatit that 1600 ships flee the Liberian banner as a banner o convenience; this brings in muckle o the kintra's revenue.

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