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The banner o Namibie wis adoptit on Mairch 21, 1990 upon unthirldom frae Sooth Africae.

The main colors war takken frae the banner o the Sooth Wast Africae Fowk's Organisation (SWAPO), the maist important liberation muivement in Namibie. That banner wis adoptit in 1971 an comprises diagonal stripes o blue-reid-green, the maist important colours o the Ovambos, the lairgest ethnic group in the kintra. The banner an aa represents the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, anither Namibian politeecal pairty. The gowd sun, that is seemilar tae the naitional emblem o the Republic o Cheenae, represents life an energy.

Alternatively, the chairman o the subcommatee that chose the banner efter a competeetion whaur 850 designs war submittit, declared that:

  • Reid − represents Namibie's maist important resoorce, its fowk. It refers tae thair heroism an thair determination tae big a futur o equal opportunity for aw;
  • White − refers tae peace an unity
  • Green − symbolises vegetation an agricultural resoorces
  • Blue − represents the clear Namibian sky an the Atlantic Ocean, the kintra's precious watter resoorces an rain;[1]

Reid, white, an blue war the colours o the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, an blue, reid, an green, the colours o SWAPO.

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