Banner o Guinea

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Wavin banner o Guinea

The banner o Guinea wis adoptit on 10 November 1958.

The colors o the banner wur adoptit frae those o the Rassemblement Democratique Africaine, the dominant movement at the time o unthirldom. The colors wur in turn derived frae those o Ghana, which haed first adoptit them in 1957. Sekou Toure, the first Preses o Guinea, wis a close associate o Kwame Nkrumah, the umwhile dictator o Ghana. Red seembolizes the fowk's sacrifice, yellow represents the sun an the riches o the earth, an green the kintra's vegetation.

In keepin wi ither banners in the region, the Pan-African movement's colours o reid, yellow, an green are uised. As a umwhile French colony it mey be nae coincidence that the design is a tricolour. The colours o the banner frae left tae richt are the reverse o the Banner o Mali.